Blending Onsite

Some of our wall blocks and retaining walls are made with blends of various oxides which are used to create the distinctive colours on which our business has made its name.

The composition of the oxide mixes used will vary which may cause each run to differ. The resulting colour variation is inherent in the process and part of the appeal of our products.

The product images in our brochures and on this website give a general indication of colour for your preliminary selection.

We recommend you also view current product samples and look at actual finished houses (we can supply a list) before making your final selection.

Please look at the sample walls in our display centres. They are a general indication of the product with the normal amount of blend variation. Our sales staff will be happy to answer any questions.


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COVID-19 Guidelines August 2021

All Design Centres in Victoria are closed until Friday 1st October 2021. Non-contact “click and collect” yard pick-ups will no longer be available until further notice.

Locations affected include: 

“The Geelong Design Centre is now open in accordance with the VIC Government’s updated guidelines.”

 As you are all aware these are very difficult times, however we trust you understand our concerns and we in-turn appreciate your ongoing support.