License Details
Number: 4664

Austral Masonry Pty Ltd

Austral Masonry
44 Clunies Ross Street Prospect NSW 2148

Link to License 4664 on EPA website

As a major masonry concrete manufacturer with plants operating in numerous states, Austral Masonry takes its environmental management responsibilities seriously.

Masonry concrete blocks are manufactured in each plant throughout Australia under strict environmental guidelines.

Emissions from our plants are monitored in accordance with government guidelines.

Austral Masonry, as a member company of the Concrete Masonry Association of Australia, is helping to promote the special environmental benefits of masonry concrete. These include their thermal mass qualities which, used in conjunction with passive design, can help even out temperatures in a building in times of climate extremes.

Masonry concrete’s thermal mass reduces the need for heating and cooling with air conditioners making an important contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

For further information please contact your local Austral Masonry office on 02 9840 2333.

For our Pollution Incident Response Plan (PIRMP) document, please click below:

Pollution Incident Response Plan (PIRMP)

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COVID-19 Guidelines August 2021

All Design Centres in Victoria are closed until further notice in line with the Government guidelines. We can still offer non-contact “click and collect” yard pick-ups and virtual colour consultations upon request. 

Locations affected include: 

The Geelong Design Centre is now open in accordance with the VIC Government’s updated guidelines.

As you are all aware these are very difficult times, however we trust you understand our concerns and we in-turn appreciate your ongoing support.