Frequently Asked Questions

Are weekend deliveries available?
Weekend deliveries are currently not available.

Do experienced landscape contractors need to install these walls?
No. With simple to use accessories our retaining wall blocks are practical and easy to use by on-site labour and professional landscapers alike. Austral Masonry also produces “how-to” installation brochures for our clients.

How do I need to pay for my blocks?
Full payment is required for your product prior to delivery. Payment can be made by credit card, cash, eftpos, cheque or direct debit however funds will need to be cleared if paying by cheque or direct debit.

How high can Heron walls be built without the use of geogrid?
Heron walls can be built up to 800mm high as a gravity retaining wall structure (assuming no loads are within 1m from the back of the block).

How long does it take for my Masonry Blocks delivery?
Some of our blocks are made to order so lead time will vary. Please check with your Austral Masonry sales centre for details before placing your order.

How long does it take for my Retaining Wall delivery?
Delivery to metropolitan areas generally takes 2 – 3 working days. Full delivery loads of 1000 or more can be delivered within 2 days whilst part loads of below 1000 can take slightly longer.

Are concrete footings required?
No, the footing is not a structural component of the wall, and acts as a leveling pad for the dry stacked retaining wall blocks. This is one of the benefits of dry stacked gravity retaining wall blocks making them faster and more cost effective to use.

Can I build my wall higher if placed on a concrete footing?
No, the footing does not add to the structural stability of the wall, and acts as a leveling pad for the dry stacked Retaining Wall blocks.

What finishes are available in the Heron blocks?
The Heron blocks have a straight split texture with a bevelled face producing clean straight lines. The accessories include corners, end blocks and caps to finish off the system. The sand blended colours and darker tones enable any landscaping design from contemporary to the more traditional to be accommodated.

What if my retaining wall is over 800mm high?
A Heron block wall can be built over 800mm high by using No Fines Concrete (a mix of 6:1 – gravel: cement) instead of blue metal. No fines concrete – no sand is used hence “no fines” sets to form a porous mass – 30% void ratio, thus acting as the drainage zone behind the wall whilst adding mass to enable the wall to be built higher. No Fines concrete is ideal for walls over 800mm being used in boundary situations or where constraints exist behind the wall and geogrid can not be used.

What is the size of the Heron block?
The Heron full block is 390L x 198H x 245W mm = 13 blocks per m2 and only 24kg each.
These blocks are light and easy to handle resulting in faster construction time for installers without the break breaking work of using heavy cumbersome units.

When should I use geogrid?
Geogrid is used with Heron blocks when walls of significant height are being built. The geogrid reinforces the soil and can be used instead of No Fines concrete in situations where the area of land to be retained needs to be built up. When placed between layers of compacted soil, geogrids create a reinforced soil mass enabling walls to be built higher.

How do the Heron blocks connect together?
The Heron blocks have lugs which secure the course below to the one above. In addition, the Heron blocks have hollow cores which are filled with granular material (e.g. Blue metal) which further assists in providing a positive connection and a solid structural wall. The blue metal is placed behind the wall to act as drainage.

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