Masonry is made from the earth, so its inherent natural properties make masonry a sustainable choice
for modern built environments.

Used in landscaping and public spaces, masonry provides a natural complement to flora and fauna and provides pleasant communal meeting places.

Austral Masonry products not only look good – they perform. Energy efficient, durable, low maintenance, fire resistant with acoustic benefits and more – masonry is a sound, solid and sustainable choice.

Energy Efficient

  • When incorporated into solar passive building design, the high thermal mass of masonry can provide effective use of daylight to reduce heating and cooling costs. Durable, long life, low maintenance and reuseable
  • With a long life expectancy of over 100 years, masonry structures are durable.
  • Masonry is easy to keep clean, requiring minimal maintenance.
  • Masonry is tough and can withstand extreme environmental conditions including fire and floods.
  • Acoustic performance
  • The high thermal mass of masonry assists with sound insulation to reduce noise and absorb noise impact.
  • Health benefits
  • Masonry is an inert substance which does not emit or give off gases or compounds.
  • Masonry absorbs CO2.
  • Being termite proof means the unlikelihood of requiring chemical spray to reduce termites and vermin which is safer for the environment.

Australite – a revolution for the environment

As well as being kinder to blocklayers, Australite Blocks:

  • Are also kinder to the planet and incorporates recycled materials in their manufacture.
  • Are kiln cured, but unlike clay masonry units, the heat is low and largely exothermic, with some steam added for even curing.
  • Are lighter than standard concrete masonry. This reduces emissions due to transport.
  • Are suitable for a variety of environments.
  • Are made from over 60% of by products and recycled material, significantly reducing wastage.

Build for Living – the Brickworks Sustainability Journey

Follow our journey towards becoming Australia’s most sustainable building products company.

Find out more on the Build For Living website

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