Internal Feature Wall Ideas

Feature walls are an excellent addition to any interior design. They create a focal point that can tie an entire room
together. Here are some ideas to inspire your own feature wall designs

A purposeful feature.

Make your feature wall into something that serves a greater purpose than just being pretty. Make it a central place for hanging pictures, a stylish storage area, or use it to keep your entire house organised by turning your feature wall into a giant calendar or blackboard.

  • Ideal Products: GB Aspect (its grooved pattern make it perfect for hanging frames or hooks); GB Smooth (in Pewter this block would make an ideal blackboard).

A purely stylish feature.

Create a stylish masonry feature by using multiple finishes, colours, or textures to create striking patterns or lines that will work as the focal point and talking point of your room.

  • Ideal Products: GB Smooth, GB Honed, or GB Stone blocks share rich colours with subtly different finishes that would blend together beautifully. Try pairing a Smooth block with its Honed counterpart to create sleek lines

Bring the outdoors in.

Create a feature out of large windows of balconies to create a light, open aesthetic that brings the outdoors inside. Use dark or bold materials and colours to frame and highlight a vast window (just make sure it has a nice view first). To create a smart uncluttered look, consider using chic, painted shutter instead of curtains.

  • Ideal Products: GB Smooth, GB Honed, GB Stone, or GB Aspect feature bold colours that can be placed against muted shades to create extra visual impact.

A textured piece of art.

Use blocks with unique textures to create an interesting pattern on one wall and place lights accordingly to highlight the texture and pattern.

  • Ideal Products: GB Aspect (Honed and Split Face), GB Split Face, GB Sandstone Rock Face, GB Sandstone Split Face, GB Veneer (Honed and Split Face) – try using a mixture to finishes and colours to create a more unique feature.

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