Paving Ideas

Paving is one of the most basic tools of landscape design. They literally lay the groundwork for your entire outdoor
space. Below are a number of tips and ideas to help inspire you with your own landscape designs.

Frame your pavers.

Create a designated path or add depth to your paving design by interspersing your pavers with pebbles, gravel, crushed stone, smoothed rocks, or sand. Or use this design method to create outdoor spaces accessible only through a designated path.

Walk on water.

Incorporate your paver design into your water feature or vice versa as raised stepping stones to create a stylish focal point in your landscape design. Or create a raised paver platform for entertaining or relaxing amid a shallow pool to get guests talking.

Create a mix.

Use a mix of paver colours, sizes, and styles to create patterns or identify spaces. For example use large format pavers to create a simple frame around a patterned layout of contrasting small format pavers to create a central focal point in your outdoor space.

Layer in the green.

Use grass or artificial turf to create a frame for your paver designs and turn your outdoor space into a truly unique multi-purpose area. Or make use of some of our more permeable paving options, such as GrassPave, to seed grass within your pavers and reinforce the surrounding soil to create unique and interesting patterns.

Complement or contrast.

To create a flowing and complementary outdoor design, use similarly coloured materials. Alternatively, try combining bold coloured pavers with neutral ones to create eye-catching designs and patterns.

Keep colour in mind.

Choose your colours carefully. Dark colours can absorb more heat; white pavers can be tempting to use as a strong contrasting colour, but produce a significant amount of glare – off-white or beige can be better options; to create seamless transition between your home’s interior and exterior attempt to use similar colours to transform your outdoor space into an extension of your home.

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