Retaining Wall Ideas

Retaining walls are an excellent tool for turning a patch of ground into a beautifully sculpted and structured
landscape. There are an infinite number of possibilities available when using retaining wall blocks. Before you start
to create your own spectacular design use the information below to inform and inspire your choices.

Walls are forever.

Walls are a long term investment. You can change planting every ten years, but walls are forever. Think carefully when designing your wall structure and be certain that what you are choosing is something that you truly like and will continue to like for a long time.

Break it up.

Retaining walls are phenomenal for breaking up your outdoor space and dividing it into different areas that serve different purposes. They help to construct the flow and overall design of your landscape.

Curves or straight lines.

The way you build your retaining wall can completely change the look and feel of your landscape. Straight walls can provide a sense of control and structure, dividing a yard into easily manageable but obviously separate sections. Curved walls can provide a sense of safety and achieve a natural flow unobtainable by their straight counterparts. An area surrounded by a circular wall, even a low one, will feel safer and more private.

Layering up… and down.

You can use a retaining wall to add depth or height to your outdoor spaces. With heightened and engineered retaining walls you can create an outdoor room that provides excellent privacy and insulation from the elements. Or create a lowered outdoor space by building down and insulating with concrete masonry blocks, achieving a private area that’s cool in summer and warm in winter. Consider adding a masonry-built fire pit for added comfort throughout the chillier months.

Feature gardens.

Use a bold retaining wall to perfectly frame your beautiful garden beds and turn them into the focal points of your outdoor space.

Mix your materials.

Create something that truly stands out by adopting a unique design comprised of different materials. Offset concrete with wood or something similar to create a stylish mix. Or simply use a mixture of finishes and textures from the same material to create an eye-catching outdoor feature.

Rest yourself.

Employ low retaining walls around your pools and outdoor entertainment areas to create simple outdoor seating. Have cushions at the standby to add comfort to your next barbeque or summer party.

Draw Inspiration.

To be inspired by some of our favourite landscape designs, visit this link

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